Darkly Dreaming Dextra
When I don’t know what those moving images I see all over Tumblr are called


Mini-movies? Pictions? Repeatures? I don’t know.

…they’re called gifs …

No cis person, you may not dictate how trans people rebel and fight against your oppression of us. You already control us with your society, so fuck you for that and fuck you for trying to control us more.

I tell you what though, I’m a reasonable young peep so what I will do is have a compromise. Instead of using “die cis scum” I will use something else, but instead of it being “die scum cis” it will instead be “die in agony, cis scum.”

Is that more to your liking you privileged oppressive asshole?

Whoa there little friend. Someone has their panties in a bunch, and I’m unsure why. There are a ton of cisgendered individuals who are on your side, I’m unsure as to why you’re such a cunt about some of this shit. Seriously. My girlfriend is cis (I’m MTF myself) and she certainly isn’t scum, nor does she treat anyone in the trans* community as such. In fact, I know a ton of cis people who are NOT scum, who WANT to help trans* people, and you are being just as closed-minded as the ones that you’re calling ‘scum’. Either do something to make yourself happy, and stop hating on cis-gendered people because IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT THEY WERE BORN CIS, JUST LIKE IT’S NOT TRANS* FAULT THAT THEY WERE BORN THAT WAY) or seriously just keep that crap to yourself. You defend trans* people when others say shit about them, it’s about time for a trans* person to stick up for the cis people as well. Especially since I’m so close to mine.